Retail Detox

We swim in a consumer culture like fish who don't know they are in water. The devious appeal of media and advertisements combined with our perception of our worth greatly influences our minds. Our compounding stress, busyness and mounting to-do-lists prompt us to check-out. We are drowning. We need a mental release, "A new pair of snoogerdoppers would make me feel better". And if we're not careful... We don't even know it's happening. I was once Queen Automatic Shopping Machine. In my early 20's, I went out every weekend, and nearly bought a new outfit for each. At 24, it got worse because I bought a house. There are always more chic pillows to add. And candles. And rugs. According to cultu

Enough Time for Crazy Passions

This is the story of how we quit our jobs and do what we love, and there's a Tiny House.

Conserve & Transform

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