Fix Your Gaze

I decided in my early twenties that I didn't want to work full-time for someone else until I was in my sixties. I wanted my time to be my own, not on loan to my employer. More than that, I wanted freedom to travel, visit loved-ones, create and study butterflies. Identifying what it is that makes me happy, keeping my gaze fixed on that and then putting all my energy into pursuing it fueled my ambitious journey. It was more about what I was moving towards than what I was running from. Now that I have that freedom, I can summarize the steps in this oversimplified blog post. Step 1: I had to get clear on what I wanted my life's major categories (spiritual, relationships, health, work, money, giv

Butterfly or Moth Caterpillar?

This is a moth larva/caterpillar. I only know this through experience. In this picture it is eating my Desert Rose, but it is commonly called the "oleander caterpillar" (Syntomeida epilais) and will eat many other plants in South Florida too. It is often found on oleanders (duh). It resembles the caterpillars of the Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae) butterfly, so many people confuse the two. One difference is that the moth caterpillar has bristles instead of singular spines down its back. Both caterpillars (the Gulf Fritillary and the Oleander Moth) are orange with black (painful looking) pokey parts so it can be confusing. Oddly, neither can sting. Here is a photo of a Gulf Fritillary cat

Conserve & Transform

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