Polyconfusion Swallowtails

When I first began my south Florida butterfly garden, I included a plant called a pipevine to attract a specific black and yellow swallowtail. There are several species of plants called pipevines. They are scientifically called Aristolochia spp. They make really interesting flowers and, in keeping with their vine tendencies, they prefer something to climb on like a trellis or fence. Some of them can become exuberant, which is not always desirable for the neighbors but is much appreciated by the butterflies. The flowers are shaped like a dutchman's pipe, which is why they are commonly called dutchman's pipevines. There are over 500 species in the family Aristolochiaceae. They are also commonl

Best Kept Secret (Statira Sulphur)

Some people collect plates, shot glasses, baseball cards or tchotchkes. I collect butterflies. I prefer the living kind (no judgement here, but I don't pin mine). My live collection is maintained by planting specific plants in my garden that specific butterflies need to survive. Since they require the plants that are in my habitat, they are always in my garden. It's simple survival science. If you have a butterfly garden in Florida you probably attract Monarchs, Queens, Zebra Longwings and Gulf Fritillaries. They are the usual suspects. The Sunshine State is a great place to take up this exhilarating hobby, and it's also easy to get hooked. Quick results make it seem effortless, once you kno

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