Attention theology geeks, this is heady and controversial, but it is heavy on my heart. I do not aim to offend, just to be honest. I love the Catholic church and celebrate many of the rich blessings and brilliant saints and leaders it has provided to humanity past and present. Also, I hail from a Lutheran family who commemorates Martin Luther and his sincere and intelligent, yet unheard-of and heretical questioning of the mighty Catholic Church and the abuses and misuses of power they were practicing. That was 502 years ago this week and while the progression made back then was timely and necessary as a course correction for certain corruptions and misguided actions, I wonder if we haven't f

Serenity Prayers

My first 40 years on earth did not exemplify serenity. I intend to change that for the next 40. My personality is assertive. Many people are withdrawn or at least obliging. Not me. If things didn't go my way, I developed a habit of trying to force them to. When it comes to butterfly gardening, or nature, I have had to learn that this doesn't work. There is a season for everything and wisdom say some things are out of my hands. In the first few years of my butterfly garden, I saw incredible results. Fifteen or so species showed up daily and this delighted me. Yet, upon learning that there were many MORE species that lived in my area, I wanted to attain them as well. It was a compulsive urge t

Conserve & Transform

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