Broward County , FL!!!


For a limited time, in some cases, we are offering FREE visits to organizations within the county.




Because we love butterflies and want to increase their local habitats. We can provide your gathering  with a 30 minute talk to promote conservation!

Certain rules apply contact us for details.

Have I mentioned that I love butterflies?


For over 17 years I have been raising butterflies in my backyard habitat. Today, I have over 40 species that I can host. Butterflies were once my hobby, but now they are my jobby. I have been working in the butterfly industry as a professional for 10 years. I have a B.A. in Communication and I recently studied entomology and horticulture at the University of Florida.

My primary passion is in butterfly education. Once someone showed me how to "grow butterflies" I was hooked. I didn't even know I had a green thumb back then, but it turns out that butterflies are pretty predictable and easy to attract, once you know the secrets. My hope is to share even a sliver of the wonder of butterflies with you.


I have spoken in schools, given tours, written articles, been featured in newspapers and spoken for organizations and parks for the sake of butterflies. I have helped over 1,000 people start or add to their own butterfly gardens!


I provide presentations in the Broward County, FL area and in Columbia County, OR (July-Oct).  If you are interested in an engaging, entertaining and educational talk for your organization, let me know! I will custom design your visit to meet your audience where they are. Whether they don't know what a butterfly is or they are all master gardeners, we can make it happen!

Conserve & Transform

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