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Welcome, Friend!

Thank you for visiting. I am a former normal person, turned ardent butterfly conservationist who is passionate about telling the butterfly story.


I started raising butterflies in Florida in 2002.


My garden changed my life in beautiful ways and consequently, I help others cultivate urban butterfly gardens.


My specialty is South Florida, but I also butterfly in TN, OR and other states. I hope you find some useful information and products and contact me to tell me about your garden.


On this site you will find links to engaging online classes, gardening books, and lots of fun and free butterfly information. 

The Bloggerfly page provides a peek into our personal life. We are FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) geeks who quit our full-time jobs in 2017 to live more intentionally. That includes creating, optimizing our lifestyle and following Christ. We built a Tiny House and live simply. I am a certified Enneagram Life Coach and would love to work with you to uncover your passions, shine light on your blind spots and excel at your life. 


Raising Butterflies is Simple

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Conserve & Transform

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