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Pipevine Swallowtail

This toxic butterfly has bright warning colors on its wings

Gulf Fritillary

I teach an informative class about Gulf Fritillaries.

Eastern Comma

These butterflies are common across the eastern United States.

Diana Fritillary

This is a male and is found in the forests of Tennessee.


This pollen-covered female is laying eggs on the vine.

Pale Swallowtails

This western butterfly is often confused with the Tiger Swallowtail, but you can see that this one is...Pale.

Mylitta Crescent

A darling butterfly that is common in the Northwest.

Ruddy Daggerwing Pupa

Every butterfly species makes a unique chrysalis.

Giant Swallowtail

Swallowtails nectar while in flight.


"Puddling" is a way for butterflies to extract nutrients out of wet soil.

Nectar stop

This Zebra Longwing is drinking nectar from a Panama Rose flower

Cassius Blue

The smallest kind of butterfly in Florida

Zebra Longwing

Many butterflies only live a few weeks, but the Zebra Longwing can live for up to 9 months!

Eastern Black Swallowtail

Some butterflies in Florida are seasonal and some are year-round.

Giant Swallowtail

This is our largest butterfly. Did you know that some farmers spray insecticides to kill her caterpillars?

Longwing Skipper

There is no scientific difference between a butterfly and a moth. Generally, butterflies are day flying moths.

Three Statira Chrysalids

Did you know that most butterflies do not make a cocoon? That is a misunderstanding. They make a pupa or a chrysalis.

Veriegated Fritillary

These butterflies can be found across the south eastern US


This is not a Monarch Butterfly. It is lacking the black veins in the forewings. It is a mimic.

White Peacock

This elegant butterfly loves to visit roadside grass patches and flies low to the ground.


Two of these are mating and one rogue male is not happy about it.

Raising Baby Butterflies

All caterpillars are juveniles. When your have a true butterfly habitat, you have lots of baby butterflies.

Artist's Inspiration

Butterflies may just inspire you to bring out your creative side. This is one way they inspired me.

Blue Morpho

Not native to the USA but a beauty!

Almost out!

Some butterflies can be seen folded up before they emerge.


These lovely butterflies are found in Oregon.

Red Spotted Purple

Not a Swallowtail, but big and impressive!

Owl Butterfly

False eyes look like an owl!

Pale Swallowtail

An Oregon flyer.

Fruit Plates

These are useful for rain forest butterflies in captivity.


Caterpillars blend in very well.

Conserve & Transform

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