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Thanks for visiting!

Here is my brief butterfly history:

In 2002, I earned a communication degree from FAU. That year, coincidentally, was the first year I dabbled in butterfly gardening.


I began to raise Monarchs, and it took over my life!

I worked in a communication position for 8 years, but would rush home every evening to tend to my urban butterfly habitat. By then, I hosted over 20 species in my yard, but wanted to know more and wished I had studied entomology at UF instead of live and learn.

Spending time in the garden changed me, and I felt it was my life assignment to "tell the butterfly story."

The recession of 2010 took my job and in a moment of insanity,  I Googled "butterfly jobs" to try my luck. By the Grace of God, a position came up and I was hired within days!

For the next 7 years I worked at a world famous tropical butterfly house as a tour guide and educator. I loved it, but my true passion was native butterfly education.

Eventually, by divine grace,  I went back to school and was able to study entomology and horticulture at UF. After that, I quit my job at the butterfly place to seek out a new journey of teaching people "the butterfly story". 

This path is yet unfolding, but I study butterflies endlessly. There is so much to learn. I write books and create online lectures and do all I can to connect people to the amazing world of butterflies just outside their doors.

My husband and I live most of the year in south Florida. We also spend time in Oregon during the warm months where I am learning about butterflies and cold weather.

I hope you see a butterfly today!


Conserve & Transform

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