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Activate Your Creative Power

Into the Light

Creativity has always been a driving force in my life. Sometimes it manifests in tactile projects, sometimes in altering my environment in some aesthetic way or even as a whimsical dinner ensemble. Often it shows up as ideas, concepts and alternative paths of thinking which can be expressed in language, spoken or written.

In some sense, the Divine Logos in each of us inspires us to make our individual contributions to the world. We all have it in us to create, whether or not this is acknowledged or acted upon. New intelligence, directives, solutions and messages, which were previously shrouded in the secret space of your hidden cosmos are birthed into the light. This unique gift, once delivered, carries with it the essence of you. It is your fingerprint left on the little world you inhabit, possibly reverberating out to a larger audience, but sometimes kept a simple kiss just between you and the Universe. It marks a space and time in which you were compelled to declare your vision. In that, perhaps, the rest of us could catch a glimpse of the infinite, beautiful, mysterious, unparalleled microcosm of you and how you resemble the Divine.

Creations carry the DNA of their author. Nobody else can deliver the exact same ones as you. Your connection to the Spirit is the conduit that channels your creations to life. In that sense, creating is an act of worship or prayer, to those who honor it as such.

As children, we are more inclined to create shamelessly. It is natural. We don't question our motives or how it will be received. We just follow the impulse in naive bliss. But for many of us, time changes that.


When we are younger than thirty or so, it is harder to understand that our view point and way of being in the world is only one of many possible. It seems our way is The Way. Some of us are better at intuiting this than others, but I was not tuned into this reality. It appeared to me that when I learned something, it was the final answer. I had arrived at clarity.

In keeping with that stance (that there is one way that is proper), it seemed to me that the best thing I could do is to "tell the truth." In my early twenties, I landed on that goal. Possibly books would be a good vehicle but at least writing of some sort seemed the supreme way to share the way things obviously are. So with that pomp and audacity came the lifelong goal of writing books.

It is something how many people set an intention of wanting to write a book. Perhaps you are one of them. It makes you wonder what exactly it is that compels us to do that. What makes us think that we have something that others would like to know? Is it because we wish to declare our truth, or tell our story, or share our tragedy, warn about dangers, or inspire with our victory? Yes, all of that and then some. But whatever it is, the urge to do it pings around in many of our psyches.

Then came some wisdom and maturity which spun me all out and brought to my attention many new insights on faith, life and personality. Call it a mid-life crisis, a spiritual awakening or a complete deconstruction and rebuild. Included in that process for me was the gift of the Enneagram system for understanding people and their motives.

New Eyes

After learning more about humans and psychology, I became much more timid about expressing myself creatively. The much needed dose of humility swung the pendulum to the other extreme. It became obvious to me that my way of being and seeing was only one vantage point. Therefore, if I were to publish books or make any art, it would certainly not resonate with the overwhelming majority people. My audience of receptivity and connection would be only a sliver of the eight billion out there. My work is a tiny drop in a vast sea. Maybe meaningless, futile, even dull.

It suddenly made so much sense to me why I preferred certain authors over others. This book bares my soul while that one is so foreign to me, I struggle to agree with the writer on the smallest observation. I shudder with conviction while watching The Greatest Showman but I really don't get The Notebook at all. This pattern shows up in all forms of art, music, theatre, film, literature, decorating, style, and more.

And still, there is something of value in all of it. I noticed that every book I have ever read has had some interesting insight, even if I disagree. Each sculpture has meaning, every craft has a lesson, all creation vibrates with something, even if only the lone cry of the maker.

Responsibility to Deliver

Then I felt liberated. To create is simply to respond to the deep need of expression. At best, we create without inhibition. We allow the flow to produce, through us, whatever it is that our hearts need to sing, our minds need to transmit and our bodies need to buzz.

Our responsibility is simply to answer the call. No more, no less. Activate your creative power!

You are not perfect nor is anything you make. Perfection is the enemy of creativity because it doesn't exist. The expert creator has failed more times than the beginner has even dared to try. If you are fixated on perfection, you are enslaved to your ego. Get over yourself and create something. If we only love what is perfect, we can never love at all. That is tragic.

We cannot hold back because of fear or concerns that it will not be received well. Perhaps it will not. No matter. We create because it is who we are, not because of who is watching. It's not for applause, though that may come. Criticism will surely arise. No matter. It is not for fame, power or wealth, it is simply for Love. Love prompts us to move into the light and speak it into existence.


Consider this your invitation to do the thing. Make it. Write it. Belt it out. Perform and whittle and discover. Build and garden and compose. Design and cook and stitch.

Paying Bills

Here is the last thing that must be said about creativity. It is pure foolery to suppose that your creative pursuits will instantly fund your survival. Yes, there is a small chance that will happen, but most likely, it will not. It is hard to survive on our art alone. Because imagination and the practicalities of life don't always mix well.

We must create. Creativity is recreational for some of us and vital for others. Those of us who score high on creative scales of personality have to express ourselves for our well-being. But self-expression doesn't always pay the bills. Reality might suggest that we earn our keep with a trade, skill or job while pursuing our creative endeavors on the side.

This is especially important for people who have taken on responsibilities (i.e. bills, pets, a family or children). It is not cool to neglect adulting simply because we have a passion. Surely a person who thinks outside of the box can come up with a way to balance adulting with poetic whimsy.

In a balanced world, we can first set our house in order and then fill our free time with imaginative pursuits. Mind your business and make your art. Activate your creative power. The world is waiting.

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